In 2017, Inner Sanctum was born and recognized by it’s peers

with these nominations,

OWMR Awards -Album of the Year, Best New Age Album, Best Album Cover Art
ZMR Music Awards  – Best New Artist

Heartistry is a unique, sound vibrational experience that combines the elements of Native American flutes and Alchemy crystal singing bowls to create a meditative soundbath journey to the “Inner Sanctum” of the heart and soul.  These instruments combines to deliver a sound that enters the mind to travel through the heart and reach the deepest levels of the mind, body and the spirit.



And, oh, how beautifully the sounds of Heartistry fill the air and harmonize with what is already vibrating around here. Thank you for that! 


You two lovely souls! and combined, making holy vibrations like the bees pollinating a flower…the way you end sliding into silence, so gently, is truly magnificent.  You are expressing love 


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Heartistry Inner Sanctum CD



  • Vibrational healing at its best!
    As a massage therapist, I’ve enjoyed hundreds of healing music tracks over the past 25 years. This CD compilation is special and truly creates a peaceful inner space for meditation and deep relaxation. So beautiful! I listen to it every day.



  • Truly exceptional!
    I have purchased at least 6 copies of this CD so far, and I’m sure I’ll be buying many more! There’s always someone who needs it, and I mean NEEDS it! This recording goes beyond beautiful and soothing. It really does reach in for deep healing. So not only have I gifted this to my friends, but also my chiropractor, my dentist, my doctor, and my hairdresser. And they are all in love with it! And one of the special things about Inner Sanctum, is that it delivers deep calm and healing, without being so “woo woo” that people close themselves off to it. The couple next door with the new baby are the next ones on my list!


  • Amazing healing music!
    We play this album all the time in my chiropractic office. Since we began doing this, the energy of our office has changed in a powerful way. My staff and I are much more focused and present and our patient’s have all been commenting how peaceful the office is lately. I recently saw this duo perform live and was blown away at how well the CD does at capturing the essence of the live performance. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to feel more relaxed, focused and peaceful!